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Pennine Healthcare enters into agreement with Tissue Regenix as distributor for CellRight® in the UK

Regenerative medicine is an innovative and expanding field, researching the potential of tissue engineering and molecular biology to offer a natural recovery by triggering a response through the body's own cells. With the demand for less invasive, longer lasting treatment modalities, regenerative medicine is an increasingly important approach as it removes the need for synthetic (plastic or metal) replacements, reduces the risk of rejection, while offering the potential for less time-consuming and potentially more cost-effective treatments.

CellRight Technologies® has developed processes that transform human bone into a malleable type 1 collagen scaffold in a manner which preserves native Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMPs) and Growth Factors (GFs).

CellRight's bio-active regenerative scaffolds may be used in spine, trauma, total joint arthroplasty, foot & ankle, dental, and sports medicine surgical procedures.

In-vivo and in-vitro testing to verify osteoinductivity is performed post-sterilization, by an independent testing laboratory using validated osteoinductivity test methods on all products prior to release

Tissue Regenix has partnered with Pennine Healthcare to distribute these innovative and unique products which will compliment Pennine's novel spinal portfolio to offer a complete platform of surgical options for spinal surgeons across the UK and Ireland.


 “Our partnership with Tissue Regenix is an important milestone for Pennine Healthcare, whose mission is to be a world-class UK manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products that make a difference to Healthcare Professionals and their patients, through exceptional customer service, innovation and continual improvement. This new partnership will complement our Orthopaedic portfolio and help bring important new innovations to the UK healthcare system” said Luke Fryer, CEO of Pennine Healthcare.

About Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix Group plc is a pioneering, international medical technology company, leading the development of regenerative products to make replacement body parts using biological (human & animal) tissue. Tissue Regenix is developing and commercializing a range of medical devices and treatments based on their patented dCELL® process.



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