Pennine Spring Clean 2024

Last week, we ventured out once again, this time around our site, to make a difference in our local area.

The annual spring clean, organised by our We Matter team, is held every year where our colleagues take a meaningful break from their computers and operations facilities, to help remove waste from the streets of Derby.

Having previously worked in and around the heart of Derby, we decided this year to focus on our own site, right here at Pennine HQ.

The windy conditions lately had led to a build up on site of unwanted litter, and our colleagues did a great job of visually and environmentally uplifting the area.

This year, we had a great turnout of volunteers, with three teams participating at different times throughout the day. This was a great demonstration of our values, and represents our latest initiative ‘The Heart of Life is Health’ – which, simply put, is the fundamental belief that there is no greater importance than your health and wellbeing.

We look forward to hosting more environmentally focused events in the future.

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