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Our Pennine Way

Our Pennine Way is a culmination of our values, behaviours and purpose, that guides our decision making and challenges us to put our customers, employees and local community first. We’re proud of our Pennine Way, and hope you find it inspiring too.

At Pennine Healthcare, our priority is to our customers. Our customer base is vast, and whether we are dealing with a patient, an end user, a purchaser, a distributor, a new customer, or a familiar face, we will meet our customers’ needs and requirements to the highest of standards.

“We will always go that extra mile. We must constantly strive to provide products that people can trust, at prices that are fair.”

The products which we sell protect and improve lives, and that responsibility and commitment is echoed throughout our business. This is our collective responsibility. Customer’s must be dealt with respect, accountability and above all, honesty. We ensure that communication is professional and open. Bad news? We don’t hide from it, and we certainly don’t over promise.

Next, are our employees. Being an Employee-Owned Trust, our employees are central to everything we want to achieve as a business. We must provide a safe and fun working environment, where employees feel secure, fulfilled, and above all, share a common goal. We all need to be accountable to one another and to operate our business, as a whole.

“We do as we say we will, taking responsibility and owning any problems that may arise.”

External issues, such as family, health and personal responsibility are acknowledged, and support will be offered when needed. We want employees to feel empowered, encouraging people to make suggestions and not be afraid to speak freely. Every employee has the right to equal opportunity – be it employment, development, or qualifications. We must always treat employees as individuals and listen, and respect, everybody’s voice. As an Employee-Owned Trust it is each and every one of our employees’ responsibility to drive the company forward – we must all unite as one!

Last but not least, we have a duty of care and responsibility to our community; the area where we live, where we work and the wider world too.

“We must be a positive influence within our community, supporting charities, sharing our expertise, and benefiting the lives of the people around us.”

We will lead with financial prudence, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, to help do our bit to protect the world around us and its natural resources. We will hire apprentices but also draw on the experience of the older generations, we will look to the future whilst also keeping in mind the lessons learned from the past. Simply put, you have our word that we will strive to make our community the best it can be.

The Story Behind Our Pennine Way

You’ve read the words, now watch our CEO, Graeme, explain the story behind the Pennine Way, and how, we are as a business, use it to guide every decision we make.

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