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Sustainability at Pennine

Leading the change to developing an eco-friendly industrial sector that not only benefits the environment but also contributes to long term economic and social well-being.

Welcome to Pennine’s Sustainability Hub!

We are dedicated to advancing sustainability in the realm of healthcare whilst continuing to mitigate our environmental impact. As one of the UK’s leading, employee-owned manufacturers, we acknowledge our pivotal role in safe-guarding the welfare of individuals and communities. Our commitment to sustainability exceeds the scope of our products ranges; it encompasses our endeavor to promote a more environmentally responsible future.

We are delighted to announce that we have received a positive recommendation from BSI following our stage 2 assessment in relation to ISO 14001. Under the scope of the design, manufacture, and distribution of single use sterile and non-sterile plastic-based products, we were thrilled with the recommendation.

We invite you to embark on the journey as we share our initiatives, innovations, and progress toward fostering a more conscientious attitude in the med-tech industry.

Our Goals

  • We are working towards Net Zero by 2045


  • We are applying for ISO:14001 in early 2024


  • We are commencing an environmental product review programme to strategically move forward with product carbon reductions

Our Lean Journey

Lean Practices, rooted from the Toyota Production System, are a set of principles and techniques designed to eliminate waste, optimise efficiency, and promote a culture of continuous improvement. At Pennine, we have integrated these practices into our daily operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing the value we deliver to our customers and partners.

We are not just a medical manufacturer; we are on a continuous journey towards excellence for the benefit our customers, suppliers, colleagues and the planet. Therefore, our commitment to delivering high quality medical devices is intertwined with our adoption of Lean Practices.

The Medical manufacturing industry demands precision, reliability, and uncompromising quality. Embracing Lean Practices enables us to meet these rigorous standards while achieving operational excellence. By starting to minimise waste and reduce lead times, we are continuing to champion UK manufacturing.

Find out more about our Lean Journey here.

Latest Sustainability Updates

So, how are we getting involved in this journey?


Join us on a path to a more sustainable future by exploring our Carbon Reduction Initiative. Discover how we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint through innovative practices and responsible choices.


Find out about how we are committed to reaching Net-Zero, utilsing our road-mapped journey to reducing emissions.


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