Link Suction Connecting Tubing (Bubble Tubing)

As a leading UK manufacturer, we are proud to be bringing our purpose to live, extending our responsibilities by adhering to the changing requirements of environmental and our sustainability initiatives. Not only are we prioritising sustainability concepts across the company, but we are also making detrimental changes with our customers in mind as well as reducing our impact on the environment.

One way we are doing this, is through our commitment to reducing and improving our packaging solutions.

Our Link Connecting Tubing (Bubble Tubing) is available non-sterile and in 30 and 50 metre lengths, with three diameters: 5mm, 6mm and 7mm supplied in convenient dispenser bags.

Recently, we made the move from Cardboard Packaging to Dispenser Bags for our Bubble Tubing range, offering a wide range of benefits to both the environment and our customers.

But what are these benefits?

Our Dispenser Bags offer significant advantages compared to our previously used Cardboard Packaging:


Presence in a Clinical Setting

Our Dispenser Bags offer the opportunity to remain sterile, if required, upon entry to a clinical setting without the need to be removed from its packaging. With our non-sterile options, this also allows for maintained quality of the product – not hindering its intended use.

Ultra Low in Lint Dust

Our improved packaging allows for substantial reduction of lint dust upon our tubing device, lowering the opportunity for wound contamination.


With resistance to aqueous solutions and ionic compounds, our Dispenser Bags can be wiped clean if necessary.

Reduced Waste Disposal Costs

Dispenser Bags take up less space in your disposal areas due to their easily collapsable material.

Less Storage Space Needed

Our Dispenser Bags take up significantly less space in your facilities, allowing for larger quantities of stock to be stored at one time.

Less Weight/ Easier Moving and Handling

Each individually wrapped package is now substantially lighter thanks to our new packaging solution, making it easier to transport, handle, and utilise our tubing.

Clinician Can See How Much Tubing is Left

The transparent Dispenser Bag extends the capacity to assess the remaining tubing lengths without opening the packaging.


We are proud of our commitment to fostering innovative packaging solutions, whilst maintaining a conscious effort to be more sustainable in our operations.

Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainability page.

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