Don’t Walk By

July 11, 2024
| Georgie Byatt |
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At Pennine Healthcare, our mission goes beyond simply providing exceptional healthcare products; it’s about fostering a culture that protects lives, empowers colleagues, and enriches communities. As an Employee Owned Trust, we’re deeply committed to our Purpose Statement, and our, “Don’t Walk By” initiative exemplifies this commitment in action.

“Don’t Walk By” is a proactive initiative aimed at encouraging every colleague to take responsibility for continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations. From identifying enhancements in our processes to picking up litter in the car park, this initiative embodies our value of continuous improvement and demonstrates how small actions can lead to significant positive changes.


“Don’t Walk By” is a great example of how we are bringing continuous improvement to life. It’s not just a slogan but a call to action that drives our daily operations. Here’s how we’re bringing it to life at Pennine HQ:

  • Idea Submission and Improvement: Employees are encouraged to submit ideas for improvement through our Fabulous Ideas and Great Mistakes initiative . These ideas are reviewed regularly, and a £5 voucher is awarded for every contribution to ensure that employees know that they are valued and impactful.
  • Training and Awareness: Regular training sessions and awareness campaigns are conducted to educate employees about the importance of continuous improvement and how they can contribute. This helps to create a shared understanding and commitment to the initiative.
  • Recognition and Rewards: To motivate and acknowledge the efforts of our employees, we have established recognition programs that reward those who actively participate in the “Don’t Walk By” initiative, such as our ‘Surprise and Delight’ system. Celebrating these contributions helps to reinforce the positive behaviors we aim to cultivate.


Our commitment to continuous improvement doesn’t stop at the doors of Pennine Healthcare nor is ‘Don’t Walk By’ just words on the wall. By fostering a culture where “Don’t Walk By” is a guiding principle, we extend this mindset to the communities we operate in, where the benefits are noticeable:

  • Enhanced Product Quality: Continuous process improvements lead to better products, which means our customers receive the highest quality medical devices available.
  • Stronger Community Relations: By maintaining clean and safe facilities, we demonstrate our respect and responsibility towards our community, building stronger, trust-based relationships.
  • Employee Satisfaction and Retention: Empowering employees to take action and contribute to meaningful change fosters a sense of ownership and satisfaction, which has proven to lead to higher staff retention rates such as our 12 year staff turnover rate.

Find out more about what we get up to here.

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