Fabulous Ideas and Great Mistakes Initiative

Today we have officially introduced our latest initiative, Fabulous Ideas and Great Mistakes.

We recognise the importance of positive relationships and trust in the workplace and want our colleagues to feel involved in all opportunities here at Pennine. Our new initiative reinforces our intentions by encouraging all employees to have their say in the running of the business and a chance to be honest about any mistakes they may have made and how they have learnt from them.

This morning, our Head of People and Culture delivered each staff member with a Submission Form and a Marvelous Creations Chocolate Bar, to encourage people to get involved. In addition, for every idea or mistake submitted, employees will be rewarded with £5 for their participation and commitment to continuous improvement! All input will be discussed at our Monthly We Matter meetings for our team to share their opinions.

Mark explains,

‘[that] we want to promote an environment where people feel safe to tell us about a mistake. What kind of businesses give their employees a monetary reward for saying that something has gone wrong? We are proud to be doing that, and we can take that and learn from it. People really feel like they are owning something, so it is really [reinforcing] that employee ownership side that contributes to improvements here at Pennine.’


Our Fabulous Ideas and Great Mistakes initiative is a milestone improvement as it solidifies our values:

Accountability – It provides employees with a chance to take responsibility for their business.

HonestyWe embrace the truth by paying not only for great ideas, but the mistakes made that we could learn from

Continuous Improvement –Our employees can contribute to how we innovate and improve.


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