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Custom Procedure Packs

As a leading UK medical manufacturer and distributor, we are proud to have pioneered the manufacture of Customised Procedure Packs – otherwise known as CPP’s – in the United Kingdom.

Our first pack was produced in 1992, after observing the success of the concept in the United States. It is vital to us that, as an SME, to know that the products that we produce are aiding healthy recovery and are, ultimately, utilised in life-saving surgeries globally.

Included in your Custom Procedure Pack will be everything that you require to carry out your surgery. Here at Pennine Healthcare, we are proud to have the facilities to carefully manufacture individual components in an ISO 13485 accredited cleanroom ready to be packaged and distributed. We provide careful planning, preparation, and production services, completing your orders with passion and dedication to perfect our customer service.

Cardio surgery procedure packs are arguably the most demanding surgical specialism in the medical industry. Therefore, after producing and distributing our first Cardio Procedure Packs, it allowed us to build up critical knowledge and expertise in the requirements of the medical market. This has aided us in the development of our wide range of Customised Procedure Packs now available, that can be specialised to suit any surgery.

We maintain an extrusion and production cleanroom where our pack components are made. This is a spacious, purpose-built area dedicated to precision and consistency. Laid out with 12 production lines, it is perfectly constructed for our differing pack types. Our production staff work to strict operating procedures to ensure each pack is made exactly to specification and that the layout and packaging is consistent from batch to batch.

Our state-of-the-art cleanroom provides semi-automation, relying on the specialised knowledge of our staff to utilise their skills and experience. They are trained appropriately to guarantee that assembly and final wrapping is not only protective and functional, but aesthetically pleasing. One of our objectives includes adding value at every stage to differ from other manufacturers.

Our Custom Procedure Packs are all about partnership, and we take responsibility for all aspects of a procedure pack system. Thanks to the hard work of our staff members across the business, Pennine now has the capacity to produce 800,000 Customised Procedure Packs each year. With an entire cleanroom and trained staff dedicated to the abundant needs of these packs, we are proud to cover a vast range of medical and surgical specialities for hospitals in countries around the globe.

We are delighted to have stood the test of time, championing UK manufacturing and supporting the NHS by being a key supplier, all from our HQ in the centre of Derby for 60 years. Throughout this time, we have recognised that every customer is different. Therefore, we tailor our services to the needs of our clients, finding out your requirements before offering quotations to create a custom service. By providing samples and staying in continuous communication, we can get your journey started, including production and implementation within a few weeks.

Across the business, each employee at Pennine is aligned in their efforts to deliver unrivalled customer service. With our teams available five days a week, we are punctual to perform to meet customer expectations. We ensure that the right resources and skills are in place to highlight Pennine as a preferred, value-providing, partner.

You can rely on a competent and committed salesperson to organise the journey relating back to the initial requirements. This includes maintaining communication with all internal departments, as well as the customer, to provide solutions for productivity. Each stage of the process will be closely monitored, allowing your specific component and presentation needs to be met.

On receipt of first order, an internal key account manager will be attentive within the process. Their responsibility is to liaise with planners, procurement, production, and logistics to ensure a smooth pack implementation.

Although we have the capacities and facilities to produce our Custom Procedure Packs, we prioritise the customer’s experience with us the most. With values of continuous improvement, we strive to ensure that each customer receives the best care possible on their journey with us from enquiry to delivery and beyond. Our UK and International sales teams are made up of experienced members, dedicated to answering any queries received via email or phone. We truly value your time and our objectives are to provide the most efficient customer journey towards a Custom Procedure Pack system.

Behind the scenes, many functional teams are involved in the development of each pack. We produce and distribute, but also assure the highest of quality within our products and follow stringent legislation. This is implemented by our highly qualified teams encompassing regulatory, procurement, marketing, IT, and clinicians, to make sure that all our products are fit for purpose and are meeting the required standards to be included in our packs.

After completing the journey with you, from enquiry to delivery, as a business, we understand that there is a surgeon and a patient – the true beneficiaries of all our endeavours.

Our purpose is simple: Protecting Life. Empowering Colleagues. Enriching Communities.

Key Features
  • Reduction of lay-up times for procedures, release of expensive nursing time for other activities
  • Reduced ordering and administration costs
  • More time for direct patient care
  • Access to a wide range of drape manufacturers
  • Caters for healthcare professional’s preference
  • Reduction in emergency surgery response times
  • Reduction of clinical waste in the theatre – environmentally friendly
  • Complete traceability of all CE marked components used
  • Eradication of errors in setting up
  • Latex content identified

    *Please note, any serious incident that has occurred in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State.

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