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Our Purpose and Values

All of our work here at Pennine is underpinned via our purpose statement, values, and our Pennine Way.

Adopted throughout the business, we live and breathe the words featured on these pages.  Whether you are a staff member, customer, supplier, or general visitor to the site, we hope you find the below inspiring and relatable.

Our Purpose

Protecting Life. Empowering Colleagues. Enriching Communities.

  1. We do as we say we will
  2. We take responsibility and own any problems
  3. We share the blame and work together to form successful outcomes
  4. We don’t hide bad news
  5. We don’t over promise
  1. We respect one another at all times
  2. We are professional, open and transparent in our communication
  3. We speak freely and face to face
  4. We positively challenge and embrace feedback, good and bad
  5. We are courageous and embrace the truth
Continuous Improvement
  1. We are driven for customer growth
  2. We exceed our customers, colleagues and communities expectations
  3. We are curious – always asking why?
  4. We strive to innovate and improve quality, processes & safety
  5. We continually celebrate success

Our Purpose and Values

As we have said above, we live and breathe the words featured on these pages. So much so, we asked our staff members to star in a little video, bringing the words to life.

Screenshot (8) play_circle