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Our Journey To Net Zero

By making significant changes to our processes in the following years, we will continue to reduce our emissions and reach our aims of becoming a Net-Zero SME.

As a medical device manufacturer, it’s important that we recognize the need for reducing our emissions, whilst not compromising on the quality and safety of our products. Our purpose is simple:


Protecting Life

Our priority is to our end users, making sure that our products are fit for purpose, safe for use, and exceed expectations.

Empowering Colleagues

As an EOT, our colleagues are the heart of our business and are vital to our long-term success. We put our employees at the centre of everything we do.

Enriching Communities

Outside of our many walls, its important for us to be frequently involved in the community, and embracing the true ‘Derby Spirit’!


We will continue to Protect the lives of our end users, by continuing to produce high quality medical devices whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

We will Empower our colleagues throughout their journey with us and dedicate time to making Pennine a great place to be.

We will Enrich the communities around us, and help out where required, truly highlighting the Derby Spirit.

Reaching Net Zero by 2045

Not only are we talking about the changes we need to make, but we are also setting attainable targets which will be a driving force of our success.

It’s important to Pennine that we communicate across the business, to our colleagues, our customers, and also within the community. That’s why we are setting targets such as these, to drive change as a matter of urgency.

I think it’s important to understand the definition of waste, as it’s easy to think it only involves defects when its so much more. Following the principles of lean, Pennine are actively looking at ways to reduce waste by starting projects to identify it. 

Richard Cohen, Head of Operations