Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

May 13, 2024
| Georgie Byatt |
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This week, we are recognising Mental Health Awareness Week which aims to reduce stigma, promote understanding, and empower young people to prioritise their mental health.

This years theme is ‘Moving for Mental Health’, which we consistently represent through our recent launch of ‘The Heart of Life is Health’ – a conceptual banner for all our CSR efforts.  At Pennine, we recognise the profound impact that physical activity can have on mental well-being, and we are committed to promoting holistic health among our employees and the wider community.

From yoga classes to charity events, there’s something for everyone to get involved in and not just or Mental Health Awareness Week, but throughout the year.

Yoga Sessions:

We believe in the power of yoga to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. That’s why we’re offering yoga sessions for employees to participate in throughout the year. Whether you’re an experienced goer or a beginner, these sessions provide an opportunity to unwind, stretch, and focus on self-care.

Cycle to Work Scheme:

Cycling isn’t just great for the environment – it’s also fantastic for mental health. Our Cycle to Work Scheme encourages employees to swap their cars for bikes, promoting physical activity and reducing stress levels associated with commuting. Not only does cycling improve cardiovascular health, but it also offers a sense of freedom and boosts mood through the release of endorphins.

Derby 10K:

This annual event is not only a chance to get active and enjoy some friendly competition but also an opportunity to raise funds for charity. By participating in the Derby 10K, we’re making strides towards breaking down stigma and supporting vital resources for those in need.

Menopause Coffee Mornings:

Beyond physical activity, we recognise the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by different stages of life. That’s why we’ve introduced menopause coffee mornings, providing a safe space for open dialogue and support surrounding menopause-related issues. By normalising conversations around menopause and offering practical support, we aim to empower our employees to navigate this transition with confidence and resilience.

Charity Rowathon:

This year we hosted a Charity Rowathon, bringing teams together to row the distance for our chosen charity – Prostate Cancer UK.

Spring Clean:

At Pennine, physical activity doesn’t have to be confined to the gym – sometimes, it’s as simple as getting outdoors and making a positive difference in our community. Our Annual Spring Clean encourages employees to step away from their desks and come together to tidy up local green spaces, promoting a sense of pride, environmental stewardship, and mental well-being.

Football Business Fives:

We openly encourage our colleagues to participate in friendly competitions, such as the Football Business Fives Event held throughout the year. Whilst a great opportunity to distance people from their work stations, it also raises money for charity – aiding the lives of others..

At Pennine, we’re proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week and the vital message of “Moving for Mental Health.” Through these initiatives and activities, we’re not only promoting physical fitness but also fostering a culture of compassion, support, and understanding when it comes to mental health.

Stay up to date with our colleague endeavours through our Facebook page: Pennine Healthcare.

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