Our Commitment to ABHI’s Plan for HealthTech: Leading the Way in Healthcare Innovation

This month, the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) has unveiled a transformative strategy that promises to redefine the landscape of healthcare technology in the UK. As proud members of ABHI, we are fully committed to supporting and implementing the recommendations outlined in the newly published Plan for HealthTech.

The Plan for HealthTech arrives at a critical juncture, as the industry faces unprecedented challenges that impact both patient care and the economic vitality of the health sector. The manifesto addresses key issues such as regulatory reform, innovation adoption, and strategic investments, which are crucial for the advancement of our industry and the enhancement of healthcare services across the nation.

Regulatory Innovations: A Gateway to Safety and Efficiency
One of the cornerstone elements of the manifesto is the call for a world-leading regulatory system. We stand behind ABHI’s appeal for a regulatory framework that not only ensures patient safety but also fosters an environment ripe for technological innovation. By adopting international standards and enhancing post-market surveillance, the UK can attract and retain pioneering HealthTech developments.

Driving Innovation and Adoption within the NHS
The manifesto also emphasises the need to professionalise innovation management within the NHS. As a member organisation, we recognise the potential of this initiative to significantly reduce time-to-market for cutting-edge health technologies. We support the creation of Chief Innovation Officer roles within NHS Trusts, which will ensure that innovations are not only introduced but are seamlessly integrated into clinical practice, enhancing patient outcomes.

Investing in the Future of HealthTech
Furthermore, the manifesto advocates for long-term investment strategies that will provide much-needed capital to fuel innovation and infrastructural advancements. We echo ABHI’s call for a reformed capital expenditure framework that aligns with modern healthcare demands. Investing in digital infrastructure and supporting early-stage research are essential steps toward maintaining the UK’s leadership in global health technology markets.

Our Role and Responsibility
As a dedicated member of the HealthTech community, our organisation is committed to aligning our strategies with the goals set forth in the Plan for HealthTech. We pledge to work collaboratively with government bodies, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to overcome the barriers currently facing our industry. Together, we can ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation, providing high-quality, sustainable care.

Join Us in Supporting the Plan for HealthTech
We invite all industry partners, healthcare professionals, and policymakers to join us in this crucial initiative. By supporting the Plan for HealthTech, we can collectively enhance the UK’s healthcare system, drive economic growth, and most importantly, improve patient care.

For more information about the Plan for HealthTech and how you can support these initiatives, click here.

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