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January 16, 2023
| Georgie Byatt |
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Kicking off the new year in a positive manner seems to have been a short-lived experience when considering the latest cost of living increases. It is impacting everyone, including Pennine employees! But it’s not all doom and gloom – we are here to help. Whether it’s Facebook or Tiktok, social media is frequently flooded with hacks on how to reduce our energy costs. After asking staff here at Pennine, you can view a list of our favourite Energy Saving tips below in support of the current crisis and in aid of Energy Saving Week.


  1. Introducing the use of a Smart Meter

A smart meter is a live gas and electricity reader that shows how much energy you are using in pounds and pence. Through the green, amber and red lights, you can be aware of your energy usage and if you are on track with your previously set budgets.

Not only are they free to have installed, but they are also a good way to save money, if used effectively.


  1. Switching off standby

Did you know that your devices and appliances are still using energy, even when they are on standby? Standby mode is when your electric devices are in a ‘sleep mode’ but still using power when plugged in at the wall. By unplugging or turning off switches on the socket, you can save up to £40 a year. £40: a reasonably heavy price to pay with no real benefits!


  1. Investing in an Air Fryer

I’m sure that you all are aware of the excessive publicity and advertisement around air fryers. Partially because of their convenience, but predominantly due to their cost efficiency. With lots of settings on the more updated versions, you can now, bake, dehydrate, crisp or reheat for less than 65p an hour compared to 71p an hour using an oven. Air fryers are a highly recommended investment from staff here at Pennine!


  1. Insulating Windows

Especially considering the colder winter weather, why not close your curtains an hour or two sooner in the evenings than usual? Curtains are effective insulators and high-quality curtains can reduce heat loss in your household by 40%.


  1. Reduce Tumble Dryer Usage

Drying your freshly washed clothes in a tumble dryer can be expensive as they consume a large amount of energy. Pennine staff suggest washing your clothes outside of the peak demand hours – that are between 7am and 11pm – and then placing washed items on a clothes horse, more commonly known as an airer, to save on energy.


Read our Pennine Way to find out more about how we try to improve the wider community.


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