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Suction Probe Sets

Suction Probe Sets

Suction probes available as sets pre-attached to 2m or 3m tubing. For general use (by attachement to 6mm diameter standard connecting tubing) or orthopaedic use (by attachment to 30CH, 8mm wide bore tubing).


  • Sterile, individual double wrapped peel pouches

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Set with 2m Tubing CH/Tip Qty
Per Box
Tube ID Probe Type
SPS-5020/G 20CH 25 6mm SP-3800
SPS-5020/W 20CH 25 6mm SP-3800
SPS-5021 20CH 25 6mm SP-3801
SPS-6020 30CH 10 8mm SP-4200
Set with 2.1m Tubing        
SPS-5022 20CH 50 6mm SP-3800


Set with 3m Tubing        
SPS-5030W 20CH 20 6mm SPS-3800