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Link Suction Connecting Tubing

Link Suction Connecting Tubing

The Pennine Link system is used for connecting suction sources to suction waste collection systems, suction catheters, yankauer suckers, suction probes and other suction devices. Tubing extruded with an integrel female funnel and a tappered male end to provide adaptable connections. The tube can be modified by cutting with scissors.

This unique system will guarantee an easy and faultless connection between all the individual products in the Link range. Link Tubing is also referred to as Bubble Tubing.

Although the Link products are optimised to be used with the Link system, they can also be easily connected to other products in our range.


  • Disposable PVC tubing
  • Available in 2 diameters, 5mm and 7mm
  • Sterile, double wrapped, transparent individual peel pouches

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Tubing Type Code Length (m) Type CH Internal Dia. mm Qty Per Box
Plain CT-4511 1.8m F/M 24CH 5mm 25
Plain CT-4513 2.7m F/F 24CH 5mm 25


2.7m F/M 24CH 5mm 20
Plain CT-4543 2.7m F/F 24CH 5mm 20
Plain CT-4711 1.8m F/M 28CH 7mm 25
Plain CT-4713 1.8m F/F 28CH 7mm 25
Plain CT-4741 2.7m F/M 28CH 7mm 20
Plain CT-4743 2.7m F/F 28CH 7mm 20
Plain CT-4783 3.7m F/F 28CH 7mm 10
Conductive CCT-4512 1.8m F/M 24CH 5mm 25
Conductive CCT-4582 3.7m F/M 24CH 5mm 15
Conductive CCT-4742 2.7m F/M 28CH 7mm 20
Conductive CCT-4782 3.7m F/M 28CH 7mm 10