Why Pennine Should be Your Procedure Packs Supplier

Do you want to learn why Pennine should be your Procedure Packs supplier? Read on to find out…

As a leading UK manufacturer and distributor, we are delighted to have been producing procedure packs for over 30 years. Our Custom Procedure Packs include everything you would need to carry out any surgery. We specialise in the following pack types:

    • Orthopaedic
    • Angio
    • Cardiac
    • General
    • Soft Tissue
    • Neuro
    • Drape Packs

With our downstairs cleanroom dedicated to creating procedure packs, in 2022, we produced 1,582,344 units. Not only are our packs manufactured in the UK, but you can also customise them to meet your needs in the operating room.

But what are the benefits of using procedure packs?

A cost-effective solution: Procedure packs bring indirect savings in purchasing, transporting material, and inventory.

A sustainable alternative: When ordering components separately, they must be contained in individually sterilised packaging. Not only does this increase plastic waste, but it would take much longer to unwrap every medical device compared to opening one of our packs.

An efficient method: Picking each component from the storeroom, whilst counting how many you have gathered, becomes time consuming. With one of our custom procedure packs, you can expect every component that you need, to be wrapped and ready to go.

A responsive option: You can expect ease of use when utilising our Procedure Packs as every component is included in one place. This can allow a reduction in emergency surgery response times and less stress surrounding the critical period before entrance to the operating room.


This is why Pennine should be your Procedure Packs supplier.


Find out more about Procedure Packs here. 

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