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January 24, 2023
| Georgie Byatt |
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As an Employee-Owned Trust, every one of us here at Pennine, takes pride in our purpose and  supporting our community. The Hope Centre, located in central Derby, offers services to support people in crisis with the provision of their Food Bank, the Hope Store and their Lunch Club.

Speaking to one of our valued staff members Jenny, she describes how she and staff from Pennine have helped out at the Hope Centre.


‘Unfortunately, there has always been a need for food banks, but in more recent times the demand from people needing this support has grown’


‘It hit home to me, when a friend who occasionally donated to a local food bank, arrived to see a long queue of people outside with bags’.


‘She thought how nice that all these people were donating, only to realise they were all needing help in feeding their families and were waiting to pick up whatever food was available’.


‘I contacted The Hope Centre and spoke with their volunteers, they explained they often struggle to keep up with demand, and with the impact of ever-increasing costs this demand was increasing’.


‘The Hope Centre do such wonderful work in supporting people in crisis, I thought it would be an opportunity for Pennine to help, and with donations from our amazing colleagues, have now made two large food donations’.


We want to, internally, thank staff for all that contributed, but also encourage members of the community to get involved with helping and donating to this wonderful organisation.

If you want to find out more about how you can help, volunteer or donate, please visit The Hope Centre website, or contact Pennine directly.


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