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Urethrotech UCD®

The NICE-approved Urethral Catheterisation Device (UCD®) provides a safe second-line catheterisation solution when standard Foley-catheterisation has failed.

The integrated non-traumatic UCD-guidewire navigates the UCD-catheter safely into the bladder, preventing urethral injury particularly in men with an enlarged prostate. With the UCD® multiple traumatic unsuccessful catheterisation attempts are avoided, providing safer and cost-effective patient care.

Key Features
  • Safe and easy for patient and provider
  • Ready-to-use consumable
  • Suitable to be used by qualified doctors and nurses
  • Improved patient care pathway
  • Avoid invasive specialist interventions and associated costs
  • Complications are reduced, providing safer and better care
  • Clinically proven and evaluated by NICE*
  • Purpose-designed and regulated medical device
  • FDA 510(k), CE-mark, ISO 13485:2016
  • Integrated hydrophilic Nitinol guidewire
  • 100% Silicone 3-way Foley Catheter 16F
  • The UCD-guidewire is removed after successful catheter placement
  • Suitable for bladder irrigation if required
  • Attached plug to close off guidewire (irrigation) channel

All angles, lengths and dimensions are nominal.
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