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Implanted Venous Access Ports (VAPs) are widely used when intensive medical treatments require the administration of regular medications into the body. Regular medications such as coagulation factors, infusions and antibiotics are used in the treatment of cancer, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, haemophilia and immunological disorders.

The unique design of the Portacator® facilitates a more accurate location of VAPs and subsequent insertion of the Huber needle towards the centre of the port chamber. ThePortacator® has also been designed for a safe, quick and easy release.

Using a VAP removes the need for patients to continually locate alternative sites for repeated injections as VAPs are implanted under the skin with a catheter surgically inserted into a large vein. A Huber needle is inserted through the skin into the port chamber to administer the medication. However, the location of the port chamber is determined by feeling around the ‘bump’ of the port using the fingers and effectively ‘guessing’ the centre of the chamber for needle insertion whilst trying to hold the port steady. Experience of cystic fibrosis patients has shown that VAPs can be subject to premature failure due to needle misalignment, resulting in port removal and relocation. 


Product Code Type Quantity Per Box
P9001CE Portacator, Port location device 50
PLP00101 Portacator, Port IV Access Pack 10
PLP00102 Portacator Port Flush Pack 10


Pennine Healthcare has a worldwide agreement with DenKe Medical to manufacture and distribute the Portacator®. 


About DenKe Medical Ltd

DenKe Medical Ltd is a start-up company built upon the research and development of a unique medical device, the Portacator® that will benefit patients implanted with VAPs. The company was formed based on the personal experience of one of the director’s whose wife has Cystic Fibrosis and the problems encountered with locating and accessing VAPs.

A collaboration between DenKe Medical Ltd and the University of West London has led to the development and manufacture of the Portacator® which is now a patented CE registered medical device.