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Soft Suction Connecting Tubing

Soft Suction Connecting Tubing

For connecting suction source to suction waste collection system, suction catheters, yankauer suckers, suction probes and other suction devices.


  • Softer PVC grade tubing
  • Maximum pressure 300mm Hg
  • Available in 5mm,6mm and 8mm (internal diameter)

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Length
Type Inside
Dia. mm
Qty per box CH
CTS-4332 3.0 F/F 5 20 24CH
CTS-4022 2.0 F/F 6 25 26CH
CTS-4032 3.0 F/F 6 20 26CH
CTS-4072 3.5 F/F 6 20 26Ch
CTS-4092 4.0 F/F 6 15 26CH
CTS-4640 4.0 F/open end 8 10 30CH