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Link Yankauer Sets

Link Yankauer Sets

Rigid, transparent suction devices pre-connected to Pennine suction connection tubing in 2 and 3 metre lengths with an I.D of 6mm . For general purpose surgical suctioning.


  • Sterile, individual double wrapped peel pouches
  • With or without vacuum control (VC) hole

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Set with 2m Tubing Tube Diam/length Qty
Per Box
Link Yankauer Code
LYS-5520 6mm/2m 10 LY-3500 Mini Fine Tip
LYS-5620 6mm/2m 10 LY-3600 Midi 30° angle
LYS-5621 6mm/2m 10 LY-3601 Midi VC
LYS-5720 6mm/2m 10 LY-3700 Maxi
LYS-5721 6mm/2m 10 LY-3701 Maxi VC
LYS-6620 7mm/2.2m 10 LY-3600 Midi



Set with 3m Tubing Tube Diam/Length Qty
Per Box
Yankauer Type
LYS-5430 6mm/3m 10 LY-3400 Short Mini
LYS-5530 6mm/3m 10 LY-3500 Mini Fine Tip
LYS-5531 6mm/3m 10 LY-3501 Mini Fine Tip VC
LYS-5630 6mm/3m 10 LY-3600 Midi 30° Angle
LYS-5631 6mm/3m 10 LY-3601 Midi VC
LYS-5730 6mm/3m 10 LY-3700 Maxi
LYS-5731 6mm/3m 10 LY-3701 Maxi VC
LYS-6830 7mm/3m 5 LY-3800 Maxi Plus