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Kit Assembly


Here at Pennine Healthcare, we are proud to have the facilities to carefully manufacture individual components in an ISO 13485 accredited cleanroom ready to be packaged and distributed. We provide careful planning, preparation, and production services, completing your orders with passion and dedication to perfect our customer service.

Efficiency and precision are at the core of our Kit Assembly services. We collaborate with you from the initial stages, taking your concept and transforming it into a tangible, world-class product that meets all regulatory standards.

Our in-house design and engineering team will work closely with you, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your project while we handle the meticulous assembly process. Offering own-branding, a dedicated workforce, and your own cleanroom area based on our site, our Kit Assembly is a service which we have had critical success with over our 60-year history.

Across the business, each employee at Pennine is aligned in their efforts to deliver unrivalled customer service. With our teams available five days a week, we are punctual to perform to meet customer expectations. We ensure that the right resources and skills are in place to highlight Pennine as a preferred, value-providing, partner.

Behind the scenes, many functional teams are involved in the development of each kit we assemble. We produce and distribute, but also assure the highest of quality within our products and follow stringent legislation. This is implemented by our highly qualified teams encompassing regulatory, procurement, marketing, IT, and clinicians, to make sure that all our kits are fit for purpose and are meeting the required standards of the customer.