Creating an Inclusive and Empowering Work Environment

July 13, 2023
| Beth Prior |
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Pennine has always prided itself on creating an inclusive and empowering work environment for our customers and our colleagues. As such, the themes of equality, diversity, and inclusion are central to our working ethos.

Our management team meets regularly in order to discuss, and train, on various leadership topics, and our latest session was on ED&I.

We understand it can be difficult to distinguish between equality, diversity, and inclusion, but here at Pennine HQ, we believe the following rings true:

Equality is often defined as treating everyone the same. However, at Pennine we vouch that true equality means having the ability to understand everyone’s different personal requirements in order to treat them the same.

Diversity is about recognising, valuing, and considering each of our different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences. We strive to encourage and use those differences to create a productive and effective educational community and workforce.

Inclusion focuses on people being fully involved, to make individuals feel valued and respected irrespective of ethnicity, gender, disability, medical or other needs. It is about giving equal access and opportunities, breaking down barriers, and eliminating discrimination.

At Pennine we prioritise inclusion and intertwine it with one of our core values of empowering colleagues, since there isn’t much value in building a diverse workforce if underrepresented groups feel unwelcome or unable to progress. As such, we are proud to be creating an inclusive and empowering work environment, with a completely levelled playing field which we have achieved through the following initiatives:

1. Using inclusive language

2. Providing facilities to pray

3. Challenging unconscious bias

4. Adhering to our ‘Don’t Walk By’ scheme

5. Fostering a culture where every voice is heard, respected, and welcomed

Furthermore, across the business, we have set up numerous whistleblowing posters throughout the head office and warehouse, providing our employees with an anonymous opportunity to speak out against any wrongdoings they experience or see in the workplace. Thus, creating an open culture in line with our key values, and preventing issues escalating by protecting the relevant parties involved.

For more information about whistle blowing services please visit:

Or contact the 24-hour whistleblowing helpline: 0800 047 4037

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