Celebrating 4 Years No LTA at Pennine

Today we are proud to be celebrating 4 years no LTA at Pennine, meaning that our team have achieved almost 1,500 consecutive days without an employee absence due to an accident in the workplace.

Our Head of Operations, Richard Cohen, states, This milestone is a good opportunity to reflect on what health and safety means to us. It involves identifying and addressing potential hazards, ensuring the proper use of equipment, providing ongoing training, and promoting a healthy work environment. We would like to thank all colleagues across the business that have shown a positive relationship with H&S which not only safeguards the welfare of all our colleagues but also maintains productivity, reduces absenteeism, and complies with legal and regulatory requirements making Pennine a great and safe place to work.’

At Pennine, we recognise that in manufacturing, there are many challenges that our staff face day in day out. Therefore, it is a testament to our colleagues for implementing and adhering to strict measures to prevent accidents on site to allow us to reach accomplishments such as this one.

How are we celebrating 4 Years No LTA at Pennine?

  1. We are introducing our new Safety Pledge for all colleagues across the business to sign
  2. We are implementing our two new Health and Safety Procedures Leaflets
  3. We have created Health and Safety Booklets for our staff and their young ones with prizes to be won!

Here at Pennine, part of our purpose statement is to protect life, and we strive to ensure that we protect the lives of our end users, but also, our colleagues who are on the front line, making Pennine great.

Stay tuned for more updates in the following days…

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