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September 8, 2023
| Georgie Byatt |
Pennine Veterinary

Pennine Veterinary have been working with Nurses and Surgeons to create their bespoke procedure packs for over 10 years and specialise in:


  • Soft Tissue Packs
  • Orthopaedic Packs
  • Neuro Packs
  • Cardiac Packs
  • Ophthalmic Packs
  • Laparoscopic Packs


General packs can also be created if a practice doesn’t require a specific pack suited to a type of surgery.

Included in all Custom Procedure Packs will be everything that a practice requires to carry out their surgery. Here at Pennine Veterinary, we champion UK Manufacturing, and we are proud to have the facilities to carefully manufacture individual components in an ISO 13485 accredited cleanroom ready to be packaged and distributed. We provide careful planning, preparation, and production services, completing orders with passion and dedication to perfect our customer service.


But what are the benefits of using procedure packs?

A cost-effective solution: Procedure packs bring indirect savings in purchasing, transporting material, and inventory.

A sustainable alternative: When ordering components separately, they must be contained in individually sterilised packaging. Not only does this increase plastic waste, but it would take much longer to unwrap every medical device compared to opening one of our packs.

An efficient method: Picking each component from the storeroom, whilst counting how many you have gathered, becomes time consuming. With one of our custom procedure packs, you can expect every component that you need to be wrapped and ready to go.

A responsive option: You can expect ease of use when utilising our Procedure Packs as every component is included in one place. This can allow a reduction in emergency surgery response times and less stress surrounding the critical period before entrance to the operating room.


You can be assured that before any order is completed, discussions can be had on how the practice works and their tailored best options for ordering. These include the choice between a ‘call off order’, a ‘standing order’, or ‘make to order’.

We understand how busy a vet practice is and we can help by having flexible ordering options and tailoring our services to suit the customers’ needs.


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