Our Triple S Guarantee

Here at Pennine Healthcare, our commitment to excellence goes beyond just manufacturing and delivering products – it encompasses the values and promises that defines our culture. Our Triple S Guarantee embodies our commitment to UK Manufacturing and continuous improvement by offering Security of Supply, Safety, and Sustainability.

Let’s take a closer look…

Security of Supply

In a world where disruptions can impact even the most well-established supply chains, security of supply is non-negotiable. We understand the importance of consistency for our partners and customers who can trust that we have robust strategies in place to maintain a steady flow of products, even during challenging times.

Championing UK Manufacturing with our reliable processes and efficient logistics, we guarantee a secure and consistent supply of your products, from our central UK based site, in Derby.


At our core is Protecting Life, and for us, safety is a fundamental value that shapes our approach to every aspect of our processes. Our Triple S Guarantee prioritises the safety of our employees, partners, and end-users.

From stringent quality control measures to adherence to industry regulations, every eventuality is considered, and safe practices are prioritised.

You can trust that our commitment to safety is the cornerstone of our partnership, and we are proud to be fully MDR Compliment and hold UKCA Certification.


We strongly believe that the future belongs to those who take responsibility for the present, and our ethos surrounding sustainability is stronger than ever.

Our Triple S guarantee extends beyond the here and now, encompassing our dedication to sustainability by reducing our emissions, waste, and ecological footprint.

Our manufacturing processes are developing with sustainability in mind and our active nature to seek ways to reduce waste and conserve resources. An example would be our investment in our new flow wrapping machine, designed to reduce waste in packaging dramatically.

With Pennine, you are not just receiving quality products – you’re contributing to a more sustainable future and the eventuality of Net-Zero. By partnering with us, you can align your business with our commitment to a greener future, which sees us working our way towards ISO:14001 and other crucial ISO standards.

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