Meet Toni, our Veterinary Account Manager

August 1, 2023
| Georgie Byatt |
Pennine Veterinary

Meet Toni, our Veterinary Account Manager who boasts a decade of experience at Pennine. One benefit of working with Toni is that you will get a 100% personable and direct experience, where you maintain one line of communication with an individual specialised in Veterinary devices, and supreme client care.

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Let’s become acquainted with Toni, our Veterinary Account Manager…

What roles have you undertaken in your 10 years at Pennine?

I started at Pennine in November 2012 as an Internal Account Manager for Procedure Packs, looking after large NHS hospitals. I then became a Corporate Account Manager, working with businesses and projects. In 2019 I took over the Veterinary side of the business, working with Veterinary Nurses and Surgeons on their Procedure Pack needs and on boarding distributors in the UK and Export Markets.


What does a usual day have in store for you as Veterinary Account Manager?

No day is the same for me really, which is why I love my job!  It can range from visiting customers across the country to being in the office problem solving. Either way, the customers are always at the heart of everything I do.


What is your favourite product and why?

I don’t have a favourite product, but I am huge advocate for Procedure Packs. Customers send me their wish list, then we get them to sample stage and the end users, our nurses using them in the practices/hospital, can witness the benefits. They save time on ordering and getting the items together for the surgery when they don’t have to unwrap everything, therefore, leading to less waste. The practice can easily calculate the cost and pass it on the customer. There will also be less products on the shelves, saving on storage space which is always an issue. I just think its great concept to adopt.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Working with amazing people and learning from my customers.


Are you an animal lover outside of Pennine?

I definitely am animal lover outside of Pennine! I have a cockapoo called Penny, and 2 cats, Simba and Casper at home. Given the chance, I would fuss all the animals I meet on my work trips!


Why is customer care so important to you?

It’s important to me to give customers an amazing service, if they need a delivery sooner than our courier can provide, I would drive the products to the practice myself. My customers know they can contact me at any time and via a channel that works for them, whether that be by email, text or WhatsApp, and they know I will respond to deal with their query. I think having a strong relationship with customers is key to working better together.


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