The HemoClear autologous blood transfusion microfilter system provides high quality, washed and concentrated red blood cells (RBC’s) and functional platelets from blood collected either intra or post operatively.

With a quick and easy set up of under 5 minutes, HemoClear utilises a gravity fed, cross flow microfilter to separate red blood cells and platelets from plasma, white blood cells and other non-cellular contaminates in shed blood collected during surgery or post operatively. Up to 95% of functional red blood cells and up to 70% of inactivated platelets remain ready to re-infuse to the patient after a simple 25 minute filtration process.

Key Features
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  • Easy set up in under 5 minutes.
  • No need for specialist, highly trained staff to operate.
  • Designed to integrate with standard cell salvage collection and re-infusion methods and equipment.
  • Compact, portable, design opens up cell salvage possibilities to almost any healthcare setting.
  • Gravity fed, electricity free operation means HemoClear can be moved with the patient.
  • Single use disposable equipment. No capital investment required.
  • Once filtration is complete, simply remove the filtered blood cell bag to re-infuse and dispose of the rest of the kit.
  • No minimum blood volume required to start the filtration process. Ideal for small adults or paediatrics.
  • Perfectly suited to most surgical specialities.
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