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How to order

How to order

All orders can be taken over the phone, email or Purchase order

Please email orders to the Customer Services Department or call us on 01332 794880.


Delivery charges

All orders over £100 will be free delivery.

Orders under £100 will be charged a delivery fee of £6.50 up to 20 kilos, thereafter £0.25p per kilo.


Delivery lead times

Delivery will be within 48 hours, subject to availability of the product.

Custom Packs are 6 weeks (A Standing order is preferred)



If you already have an account set up with Pennine, an invoice will be sent to you within your payment terms.


New customers

An account would need to be set up, please provide all details such as company name, invoice address and delivery address, if different.


How to pay?

You can pay by Card, Cheque or BACs payments after the invoice has been received.

This can be done over the phone, by ringing Customer Services: 01332 794880