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Rainbow Tray

Designed to aid in the reduction of anaesthetic drug misadministration, the Rainbow TraysTM are colour coded anaesthetic trays for use in operating theatres by anaesthetists supporting the AAGBI and RCoA colour coded critical care labelling system. The trays provide a safe environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anaesthetic drugs. Medication errors are common throughout healthcare and can result in significant human and financial costs. Rainbow TraysTM provide an easy visual check to aid in mitigating medication errors in anaesthesia.

The aim of Rainbow TraysTM is to deliver standardised storage of drugs using a tray that incorporates logical progression integrated with the established international colour coding system for critical care drug labelling without interfering with or confining the normal working practice of individual anaesthetists. Rainbow TraysTM have been designed with the collaboration of anaesthetists, pharmacists and healthcare workers in response to the demands of best practice and clinical governance and to aid in the reduction of anaesthetic drug misadministration.

“Anaesthetic practice is unique because anaesthetists are personally responsible for all the steps from drug preparation to drug administration, removing many barriers against a medication error that would normally be in place in other healthcare environments.”
Iain Moppett, Associate Professor & Honorary Consultant Anaesthetist


Pennine Healthcare is the distributor for the Uvamed  Rainbow Tray® in the International Market

About Uvamed Limited

Uvamed Limited is a UK company dedicated to delivering healthcare innovations specifically driven by a need to improve standards, working conditions and patient safety. Our criterion is to address clinical needs and concerns and, through innovation, create products that healthcare professionals actually want and need.