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Medsol is an effective wound care management product range. Through the use of Electro-chemical activation (ECA) technology, Medsol is able to support the natural healing process of the body.


Since impurities, dead tissue, blood, microorganisms and the formation of biofilm often lead to wound healing problems. A prerequisite for good wound healing is the cleanliness of the wound surgace and the wound margin. ECA technology offers effective but gentle decontamination of the wound, whilst providing the optimal wound healing environment.


After use and effect of the ECA-products (solutions, gels and spray-gels), they revert to their natural source materials; water and salt. This explains the environmental compatibility of the products. 


Advantages of MedSol Products:

  • Antimicrobial effectiveness (also in MRSA)
  • Supports the natural wound healing process
  • Resistance formation is not expected
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic to humans, animals and plants
  • Ideal for children, diabetics and people with allergies
  • No restriction in the duration of use
  • High tissue tolerance
  • Eliminates wound odours
  • Painless in application
  • Effect is purely physical
  • Very good skin compatibility according to DERMA test. 




Code Type Volume Price
ME466002WS Wound Spray 250ml £11.50*
ME466001WS Wound Spray 75ml £5.00*
ME466004WSG Wound Spray Gel 75ml £12.50*
ME466005WG Wound Gel 20ml £10.00*

* Price does not include Postage and Packaging.


Please click here to view Medsol Brochure.


Pennine Healthcare are the distributor for MedSol in the UK.