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The Luer-Jack syringe is the only system with a one-handed disconnection capability. The ’Click and Release’ benefits perform faster, safer and more efficient disconnections from needles and any other medical attachments.

Female Luer Slip and Luer Lock compatible – also for all needleless applications – the Luer-Jack replaces traditional hypodermic syringes in a wide range of medical procedures.

Improved Infection Prevention

Luer-Jack increases the distance between a healthcare professional’s hand and the needle’s connection point, reducing the risk of cross- contamination.

Prevention from Needlestick Injuries

Despite today’s safety focus, conventional hypodermic needle removal often involves the user removing the exposed needle by hand – increasing the risk of needlestick injury.

Luer-Jack offers a safer disposal of unprotected and exposed needles, as the sharps can be released directly into the sharps safety bin with the one-handed ’Click and Release’ feature. As the hands are always kept behind the exposed needle the risk of needlestick injuries decreases.

Improved Needle Control

Medical needles are in fact sharp and can act as cutting devices inside the body.
Luer-Jack specializes in precise, consistent and minimal disconnection force during all medical procedures.

Gives You an Extra Hand

A one-handed disconnection is beneficial to the healthcare professional who requires assistance during different procedures, as it allows for the user’s second hand to be used for simultaneous tasks.

Pennine Healthcare have gained exclusive right for the marketing, distribution and sale of the Luer-Jack syringe in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

 “We are pleased to be working with such a leading international manufacturer of single use, sterile Medical Devices and Custom Procedure Packs as Pennine Healthcare. The potential to help improve patients’ lives and to create a healthy and safe working environment for healthcare professionals is enormous.” Christian Mide, M.D., Chief Executive Officer and founder of ConceptoMed.