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Pennine Healthcare enters into agreement with FzioMed as distributor for Oxiplex/AP® in the UK.

Adhesions formed following surgery can lead to severe clinical consequences. These can include infertility, chronic pelvic pain, small bowel obstruction, intraoperative complications and even subsequent surgery.

Oxiplex/AP® is an effective, absorbable adhesion barrier gel which is intended to be used as an aid to peritoneal surgery and intrauterine surgery for reducing the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions at the surgical site.


“Our partnership with FzioMed is an important milestone for Pennine Healthcare, whose mission is to be a world-class UK manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products that make a difference to Healthcare Professionals and their patients, through exceptional customer service, innovation and continual improvement. This new partnership will complement our portfolio and help bring important new innovations to the UK healthcare system” said Luke Fryer, CEO of Pennine Healthcare.


About FzioMed

FzioMed is a privately held medical device company, located in the United States. FzioMed develops, manufactures and commercializes absorbable, surgical biomaterials based on their patented polymer science.

FzioMed's exceptional biomaterial technology is ideal for use in surgery and other medical applications. FzioMed patents cover an array of compositions and methods, and all of the company's products are based on this proprietary platform.