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PreLube Catheters

PreLube Catheters

The Pennine PreLube is a pre-lubricated catheter for Intermittent Urethral Self-Catheterisation. The PreLube is coated with Lubrajel® to reduce friction and minimise discomfort for the patient. The unique coating eradicates the need for water or any other gelling agent. The catheter is completely enclosed, making the PreLube very safe to use because there is no need to touch the catheter itself. The PreLube is ideal for teaching self-catheterisation.


  • Medical grade PVC (Shore Hardness A80)
  • Sterile, individual peel packs, double wrapped
  • Sealed pre-cut polythene wrapper
  • Single use Only
  • Boxes of 100
  • Smooth closed end, two staggered eyes
  • Hard PVC capsule containing Lubrajel to offer total pre-lubrication of the Nelaton Catheter and ensure quick and comfortable insertion
  • Detachable packaging tip for asceptic introduction of the catheter into the urethra
  • Available in 43cm (male) and 23cm (female)
  • PreLube and PreLube bags are available in the UK on Drug Tariff

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Male PreLube 43cm

Code Qty Per Box Drug Tariff Code Qty Per Box Boxed Qty 90 CH/Dia.
NC-1608 100 NC-1608/FP 90 - 8ch ø 2.66mm
NC-1610 100 NC-1610/FP 90 NC-1610/IT 10ch ø 3.33mm
NC-1612 100 NC-1612/FP 90 NC-1612/IT 12ch ø 4.00mm
NC-1614 100 NC-1614/FP 90 NC-1614/IT 14ch ø 4.66mm
NC-1616 100 NC-1616/FP 90 NC-1616/IT 16ch ø 5.33mm


Female PreLube 23cm

Code Qty Per Box Drug Tariff Code Qty Per Box Boxed Qty 90 CH/Dia.
FC-1606 100 - - - 6ch ø 2.00mm
FC-1608 100 FC-1608/FP 90 - 8ch ø 2.66mm
FC-1610 100 FC-1610/FP 90 FC-1610/IT 10ch ø 3.33mm
FC-1612 100 FC-1612/FP 90 FC-1612/IT 12ch ø 4.00mm
FC-1614 100 FC-1614/FP 90 FC-1614/IT 14ch ø 4.66mm
FC-1616 100 FC-1616/FP 90 - 16ch ø 5.33mm