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Pennine Intro-Uri-Cath

Pennine Intro-Uri-Cath

A complete intermittent urethral catherisation procedure kit that extends the sterile field into the patient. An easy, quick, time saving and safe way of reducing bacteria.


  • Sterile, individual peel pack with clear use instructions
  • Standard Nelaton catheter
  • Silicone introducer with lubricant
  • Graduated bag for dual purpose no-touch technique and collection of urine
  • This product is available in the UK on Drug Tariff

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Qty Per Box Drug Tariff Code CH/Dia.
NC-1508 20 NC-1508/FP 8ch ø 2.66mm
NC-1510 20 NC-1510/FP 10ch ø 3.33mm
NC-1512 20 NC-1512/FP 12ch ø 4.00mm
NC-1514 20 NC-1514/FP 14ch ø 4.66mm


Indications - Hospitals

  • Where intermittent catheterisation is preferable to use of indwelling catheters.
  • Post trauma & post surgical bladder relief
  • Prior to lower adbominal surgery
  • Acute retention of urine & all situations where there is inadequate bladder drainage
  • Spinal injuries and Spina Bifida where there is a risk of U.T.I. (Urunary Tract Infection)
  • Teaching self catheterisation
  • Elderly and other patient groups where there is a susceptibility to noscomial U.T.I.

Indications - Maternity

  • Pre and post delivery bladder drainage to reduce chances of bacteria
  • Measurement of residual urine

Indications - Rehabilitation/Community

  • For teaching self catheterisation
  • For many patient groups where long term intermittent catheterisation is associated with a need for a complete, self contained system and which reduces the risk of induced U.T.I.
  • For general practitioners and other community medical personnel for emergency use, eg. urinary retention