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Suction Probes

Suction Probes

Simple, economical, rigid PVC transparent suction devices for general suction purposes, orthopaedic suctioning or dental work. Easy attachment to Pennine suction tubing.


  • Standard probes 20ch
  • Maxi versions 30ch, wider bore for orthopaedic use and use with wide bore suction connecting tube
  • Sterile, double-wrapped peel pouches


*Please note, VC means Vacuum Control

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Type Length CH/Tip Qty
Per Box
SP-3800 Suction probe with male connector 245mm 20CH 50
SP-3900 Flat tip probe with male connector 250mm 20CH 50
SP-4200 Maxi probe 280mm 30CH 50
SP-4300 Flat tip Maxi probe 255mm 30CH 50
YS-3000 Midi Yankauer 265mm 20CH 50
YS-3001 Midi Yankauer (VC) 265mm 20CH 50
MP-3802 Short Suction Device 120mm 20CH 100