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Link Yankauers

Link Yankauers

Rigid, transparent suction devices for use with suction connecting tubing. For general purpose surgical suctioning.


  • Sterile, individual double wrapped peel pouches
  • With or without vacuum control (VC) hole
  • Also available as sets, pre-attached to 2.0m or 3.0m tubing
  • Short Mini to Maxi Link Yankauers also available with Supertip, a smooth rounded tip
  • Midi also available with additional Atrauma tip for maximum tissue grab and drainage

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Product Code Type Length CH Qty
Per Box
LY-3400 Short Mini Tip 190mm 15ch 100
LY-3401 Short Mini Tip VC 190mm 15ch 100
LY-4400 Short SuperTip 195mm 15ch 100
LY-4401 Short SuperTip VC 195mm 15ch 100
LY-4420 Short SuperTip (2 side) 195mm 15ch 100
LY-3500 Mini Fine Tip 270mm 12ch 50
LY-3501 Mini Fine Tip VC 270mm 12ch 50
LY-4500 Mini Fine SuperTip 275mm 12ch 50
LY-4500/NL Mini Fine SuperTip 10° (no side eyes) 275mm 12ch 50
LY-4501 Mini Fine SuperTip VC 275mm 12ch 50
LY-4501/NL Mini Fine SuperTip  VC 0° (no side eyes) 275mm 12ch 50
LY-3600 Midi Tip 30° 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3601 Midi Tip VC 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3600/PR Midi Tip 10° 270mm 18ch 50
LY-4600 Midi SuperTip 280mm 18ch 50
LY-4600/PR Midi SuperTip 10° 280mm 18ch 50
LY-4601 Midi SuperTip VC 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3700 Maxi Tip 275mm 22ch 50
LY-3700/F Maxi Tip (with blue connector) 275mm 22ch 50
LY-3700/RF/FF Maxi Tip (with straight connector) 275mm 22ch 50
LY-3701 Maxi Tip VC 275mm 22ch 50
LY-3702 Maxi Tip (no side eyes) 275mm 22ch 50
LY-4700 Maxi SuperTip 275mm 22ch 50
LY-4700/PR Maxi SuperTip 10° 275mm 22ch 50
LY-4701 Maxi SuperTip VC 275mm 22ch 50
LY-3800 Maxi Plus Tip 280mm 28ch 50
LY-3801 Maxi Plus Tip VC 280mm 28ch 50
LY-3803 Maxi Plus Tip VC (no side eyes) 280mm 28ch 50
LY-3602 Atrauma Tip, Shoft Short 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3603 Atrauma Tip, Shoft Short VC 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3606 Atrauma Tip, Short Rigid 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3607 Atrauma Tip, Short Rigid VC 280mm 18ch 50
LY-3608 Atrauma Tip, Long Rigid 280mm 18ch 50




Short Mini
(no side eyes)
Short Mini Supertip
(no side eyes)
Mini Fine Tip
(two eyes)
Mini Super Tip
(two eyes)
(six eyes)
Midi Super Tip
(six eyes)
(six eyes)
Maxi Super Tip
(six eyes)
Maxi Plus
(four eyes)
Atrauma Tips        
Short Soft Short Rigid Long Rigid