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Pennine Hy-G-Vac Suction Collection System

Pennine Hy-G-Vac Suction Collection System

A complete range of compatible Pennine products designed for collection of surgical suction waste during procedures.


The core of the system is the Pennine Hy-G-Vac collection bottle:

  • Range of trolleys, brackets and other devices to adapt and fix to existing hospital equipment
  • A safe, non-shatter polypropylene bottle
  • Non-removable leak-proof lid
  • Quick, easy to assemble and use
  • One product for all applications
  • Hydrophobic block filter in the lid
  • 2 Litre capacity
  • Safe transport after use and clean incineration properties
  • Hy-G-Sorb gelling agent to solidify bottle contents before disposal if required

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Type Qty Per Box
HGV-2000 Hy-G-Vac Suction collection bottle - 2 Litre capacity 20


Code Accessories Qty Per Box
HGV-2010 Link (tandem) connecting tube F/F 30cm 100
HGV-2044 4-up floor trolley for HGV-2000 -
HGV-2042 2-up floor trolley for HGV-2000 -
HGV-2020 Specimen collection adapter 10
HGV-2040 Ring holder for bracket or rail attachment 1
HGV-2050 Hy-G-Sorb gelling agent (20g gel to 1000ml water) 1
HGV-2052 Hy-G-Sorb gelling agent (4.0kg container) 1