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We offer a comprehensive range of adult and paediatric connectors to enable customisation of breathing systems.


  • Clinically clean
  • Individually wrapped

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Type Qty
Per Box
Order Qty
014/B100 Connector 22mm M/F 100 200
016/B100 Connector 15mm M - 22mm F 100 200
018/B100 Connector 15mm F - 22mm M 100 200
253P/B100 Connector 15mm M/M 100 200
007P/B100 Paediatric Bi-connector 100 200
007C/B50 Connector Parallel 'Y' Clear 100 200
046/B100 Double Swivel connector 100 200
EM5104H/B100 Connector Straight 15mm M/F with Port 100 200
N254/B100 Connector 10mm M - 15mm M 100 200
N256/B100 Neonatal 'T' Piece with 7.6mm Port 100 200
N257/B100 Neonatal 'T' Piece with Luer Port & Cap 100 200
053/B50 Connector 'T' Piece 22mm M - 22mm F 50 100
053M/B50 Connector 'T' Piece 22mm M - 22mm M with 7.6mm Port 50 100
055/B50 Connector 'T' Piece 22mm M - 22mm M 50 100


014/B100 016/B100 018/B100 253P/B100 007P/B100
007C/B50 046/B100 EM5104H/B100 N254/B100 N256/B100
N257/B100 053/B50 053M/B50 055/B50