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Standard Paediatric Breathing System

Standard Paediatric Breathing System

The infant 'T' piece is the most routinely used Paediatric Anaesthetic System. Dead space is reduced by the fresh gas flow entering the system directly at the elbow connector.


  • 15mm diameter corrogated tubing

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Length Type Qty
Per Box
Order Qty
020-162 0.525m Infant 'T' Piece with 2.45m Gas Line, 0.5L Re-Breathe Bag and APL Valve 20 100
020-163 0.525m Infant 'T' Piece with 0.5L Re-Breathe Bag (open tail) 20 100
020-165 1.6m Paediatric Ventilation System (F/F) 20 100
020-165S 2.4m Paediatric Ventilation System (F/F) 10 100
020-165AL 2.4m Paediatric System with 2.4m Spare Limb 20 100
020-165LB 1.8m Paediatric Ventilation System with 1m Spare Limb (F/F) 15 100