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Microsuction Flexible Suction Probes

Microsuction Flexible Suction Probes

Disposable probes with fingertip vacuum control device. Designed for surgery and in applications where intricate controlled suction is required. Clear probes, colour coded VC unit. Probes can be carefully bent to provide varying shapes and angles as required. Connects easily to Pennine Suction Connecting tubing.


  • Sterile, individual, double wrapped peel pouches

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Product Code Length CH/Tip Qty
Per Box
YS-3068 11cm 6ch Ø 2.00mm 50
YS-3088/Z 11cm 8ch Ø 2.66mm 50
YS-3088 15cm 8ch Ø 2.66mm 50
YS-3108 15cm 10ch Ø 3.33mm 50
YS-3128 15cm 12ch Ø 4.00mm 50
YS-3148/14 16cm 14ch Ø 4.66mm 50
YS-3128/20 20cm 12ch Ø 4.00mm 10
YS-3128/26 26cm 12ch Ø 4.00mm 10
YS-3128/40 40cm 10ch         12ch Ø 4.00mmØ 3.33mm 10
YS-3128/60 60cm 12ch Ø 4.00mm 10