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Microsuction Endo-Flex Suction Devices

Microsuction Endo-Flex Suction Devices

Special probes for laryngoscopy, pharyngoscopy and bronchoscopy procedures. All 12ch tubes with varying probe length. Prestrol vacuum control device with small connector to fit Pennine connecting tubing.


  • Sterile, individual, double wrapped peel pouches

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Type Length CH/Tip Qty
Per Box
YS-3128/20 Endo-Flex
Laryngoscopy suction probe
Pharyngeal suction probe
Bronchoscopy suction probe
Bronchoscopy suction probe
20cm 12ch Ø 4.00mm 10
YS-3128/26 26cm 10
YS-3128/40 40cm 10


60cm 10