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Insufflation Tubing Sets

Insufflation Tubing Sets

For use in keyhole or minimally invasive surgery. Intended as a connection and filtration device between a pressure regulator carbon dioxide insufflator and a Verres needle. Designed to reduce the risks of backflow of body fluids into insufflator.

This system is to be used only for the insufflation of carbon dioxide into the abdomen during laparoscopy. Protects the patient from gas bourne contamination.


•Highly efficient PTFE 0.2µm hydrophobic filter membrane providing ultra clean filtered CO²
•Fitted with standard Luer lock connections
•Available with 2m or 3m length PVC tubing, and a 6mm diameter
•Supplied in sterile individual peel pouches

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Code Length m Inside Dia
Fittings Qty Per Box
INS-1320/LL 2.0 6 Male Luer Lock/ Male Luer Lock Connector 10
INS-1330/LL 3.0 6 Male Luer Lock/ Male Luer Lock Connector 10
INS-1330/E 3.0 6 Male Luer Lock/ Funnel Fit Connector (Stryker) 10
INS-1250 2.5 6 Male Luer Lock/ Wolf Connector (Storz/& Wolf) 10
INS-1332 3.0 6 Male Luer Lock/ O Ring Connector (Smith & Nephew) 10
INS-1331 3.0 6 Male Luer Lock Connector/ 15-22mm Filter Adaptor (Linvatec) 10


INS-1320/LL INS-1330/LL INS-1330/E
INS-1250 INS-1332