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Ryle Tubes

Ryle Tubes

Nasogastric, Duodenal Access/Aspiration Tube, Ryles 122cm tubes, X-Ray detectable, with closed end to aid intubation and positioning in the patient.


  • Medical grade PVC (Shore Hardness A80)
  • Sterile, individual peel pouches
  • Printed indications at 40, 45, 50 , 55, 60, 65 & 70 cm from tip
  • With X-ray opaque tip, 4 side eyes and closed end
  • With or without removable Luer adapter and integral cap (code reference /L)
  • Available with X-Ray opaque tip and  X-Ray opaque luer
  • X-Ray opaque line 
  • Loose Luer adapter included in the pack 

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


(X-Ray line, tip & Luer)
Length cm Qty
Per Box
RT-2306 122cm 100 6ch ø 2.00mm
RT-2308 122cm 100 8ch ø 2.66mm
RT-2310 122cm 100 10ch ø 3.33mm
RT-2312 122cm 100 12ch ø 4.00mm
RT-2314 122cm 100 14ch ø 4.66mm
RT-2316 122cm 100 16ch ø 5.33mm
RT-2318 122cm 100 18ch ø 6.00mm
RT-2320 122cm 100 20ch ø 6.66mm