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Paediatric Suction Catheters

Paediatric Suction Catheters

Oppo-Cath Suction Catheters (OSC-13 range)
Standard colour coded funnel ends
2 small opposed eyes

X-Ray Graduated Suction Catheters (OSC-14 range)
X-Ray line
Graduation every 1cm
Colour coded luer connection

Prestrol Oppo Cath (OSC-16 range)
Colour coded vacuum control
2 small side eyes


  • For oral, tracheal and bronchial suctioning on babies and children.
  • Medical grade PVC
  • Sterile, individual peel pouches
  • Available in 25cm and 30cm

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


25cm Qty
Per Box
30cm 30cm Qty
Per Box
OSC-1306/25 500 OSC-1406/30/G OSC-1606/30 100 6ch ø 2.00mm
OSC-1308/25 500 OSC-1408/30/G OSC-1608/30 100 8ch ø 2.66mm
OSC-1310/25/H 500 OSC-1410/30/G OSC-1610/30 100 10ch ø 3.33mm
OSC-1312/25/H 500 - - - 12ch ø 4.00mm
OSC-1314/25/H 500 - - - 14ch ø 4.66mm