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Prestrol Oppo-Cath Suction Catheters

Prestrol Oppo-Cath Suction Catheters

Vacuum control Suction Catheter for oral, tracheal and endobronchial suction procedures. Two side eyes for increased patient safety and reduced tissue damage. To be used by connection to the suction source with Pennine suction connecting tubing, FF type.


  • PVC Medical grade
  • Terminal eye, two small opposed side eyes
  • Sterile, individual peel pouches
  • 100 units per polythene bag
  • With colour coded Prestrol Vacuum Control device
  • Available in 48cm and 60cm

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


48cm Qty
Per Box
60cm Qty
Per Box
OSC-1505/48 400 - 100 5ch ø 1.66mm
OSC-1506/48 400 - 100 6ch ø 2.00mm
OSC-1508/48 400 OSC-1508/60 100 8ch ø 2.66mm
OSC-1510/48 400 OSC-1510/60 100 10ch ø 3.33mm
OSC-1512/48 400 OSC-1512/60 100 12ch ø 4.00mm
OSC-1514/48 400 OSC-1514/60 100 14ch ø 4.66mm
OSC-1516/48 400  OSC-1516/60 100 16ch ø 5.33mm
OSC-1518/48 400 OSC-1518/60 100 18ch ø 6.00mm