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Guedel Airways

Guedel Airways

Oropharyngeal airways for use during anaesthesia or emergency.

In emergencies the colour coding system allows speedy identification of the size contained within the pouch.


Colour coding to bite blocks comply to ISO 5364:2016


  • Individual, sterile peel pouches or bulk non sterile (B)
  • Colour coded bite-blocks for easy size identification
  • Manufactured in linear low-density polyethylene

Latex Free DEHP Free

All angles, lengths and
dimensions are nominal


Product Code
Length Bite Block Colour Qty
Per Box
GA-93000 4cm Pink 100  
GA-9300 5cm Blue 100  
GA-9310 6cm Black 100  
GA-9311 7cm White 100  
GA-9312 9cm Yellow 100  
GA-9313 10cm Red 100  
GA-9314 11cm Orange 100  
GA-9315 12cm Purple 50