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Our Team

At Pennine we know our most important resource is our team of friendly, highly skilled, trained and experienced staff. Many functional teams are involved in the development of each pack, from quality assurance and regulatory affairs through to purchasing and procurement to specialist IT professionals. All areas will ensure the languages and translations required on the packaging and labelling is accurate and efficiently implemented.

Each stage of the journey will be managed by a competent and committed team member ensuring that from the initial enquiry, your specific component and presentation needs are met. They will also make sure all products are sourced to offer short lead times, value for money and high quality. They will make sure your quotation is speedily available and your sample is individually produced with care and exceptional attention to detail. Specification changes will be dealt with by the same team member ensuring a quick turn round for further quotations and samples and the opportunity for Pennine to further understand your needs, thereby gaining experience of the unique requirements of your market.

Quality assurance and regulatory staff check the proposed specification to ensure compliance with the standard and the biocompatibility of the components and packaging and sterilisation methodology.

Once we move to the first order, a named internal account manager will take over responsibility for your CPP’s (Custom Procedure Packs). They will have responsibility to liaise with planners, procurement, production, logistics and customer service to ensure you are never out of stock and that there is always a buffer of packs in the system to cope with the peaks and troughs of hospital usage.

Our production staff work to strict operating procedures and each manufacturing batch is controlled by computerised photographic records on the manufacturing line. This ensures each pack is made exactly to specification and that the layout and packaging is consistent from batch to batch. Additionally, an experienced inspector checks and signs off the first pack from each batch before manufacturing commences.