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One Product One Patient

Every year the Pennine team produces over 2 million Procedure Packs, over 25 million meters of tubing, manage over 8,000 product codes and work with over 300 suppliers worldwide.
Whilst these numbers are incredibly impressive, our focus has always been on ensuring that everyone product we produce is of world class quality and performs exactly as required to safeguard the wellbeing of the one patient it is used on.




  • That meets stringent quality and regulatory standards.
  • That’s made with care, skill and attention.
  • Who needs our help.
  • Who’s life may depend on it.
  • That’s of equal superior quality to the millions produced before and after.
  • Who needs consistency throughout their care.
  • That is vital to a patient’s wellbeing.
  • Who could be one of us.

One product, One patient embodies our guiding belief with our business partners and their patients. It reflects our expertise in manufacturing high quality medical products and emphasises the dedication of our team members to the on-going support of patient safety worldwide. Every One product we provide to our customers is manufactured with that One patient and their family in mind.
We are proud of the work that our employees undertake, proud to be supporting healthcare professionals and proud to pledge our commitment to saving and enhancing lives, One product and One patient at a time.