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During the 1970s, an entrepreneurial family company based in Derby, with interests in engineering, fuel and vehicle sales, gradually evolved into Pennine Healthcare, a major UK manufacturer of single use medical and surgical devices for use in hospitals worldwide. A serendipitous event prompted the initial transition, due to a three pronged walking stick which Ivor Shaw, our founder, had made for his disabled Mum to pick up her ball of knitting wool. Being a true salesman at heart, he made a batch of the walking sticks and sold them by mail order through a local newspaper. Sometime later the walking stick, now called 'the Robot' appeared in a disability living catalogue. This fortuitously prompted a call from one of the first UK distributors supplying Danish made PVC devices for hospital use, the sort of products historically made from glass, red rubber or stainless steel and then re sterilised.

Mr Shaw was asked if he would like to produce a plastic infant mucus extractor, and even though he had no idea what such a thing was let alone how to make it, he of course said yes and the seed that was to be Pennine Healthcare, was sown. Within a couple of years the capstans and lathes had gone, men in greasy overalls replaced with ladies in white coats.  Manufacturing skills were gained in extrusion, injection moulding, fabrication and packaging. Gradually through hard work and commitment a product range was designed, built, quality assured, labelled and packaged, each year gaining new UK market share.

Working through distributors had its limitations, so after a few years it was decided to come up with a brand and go direct. So after an evening discussion round the kitchen table, the name Pennine was chosen, after the range of hills in Derbyshire.

Now 40 years later, Pennine Healthcare is one of the largest privately owned UK manufacturers of medical devices and Custom Procedure packs, committed to UK manufacturing. We are devoted to worthwhile jobs and careers in Derby and are successful through our people. The engineering expertise and innovative culture is important in our formation.

Pennine is based in Derby, the site of the world’s first factory and is still a thriving manufacturing City. It's home to many world class brands and is an inspirational City in which to work and do business. Pennine is proud to be a well-respected employer at the heart of the life of the City.

All manufacturing of the 70 million individually wrapped, sterile medical products takes place in Derby. Our innovative manufacturing, inhouse built automation and highly skilled labour force, trained in Lean sigma techniques and continuous improvement, allows us to be competitive in not only the UK, but 50 plus countries worldwide.